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Oil filter # CONFIRMED!!!!

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Got my 600 mile service today and my dealer printed out the part number for me on the receipt. Honda Part # 15410-KYJ-901.
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don't trust Ebay filters. Buddy bought one, used it and regrets it. It didn't do much for filtering the oil. OEM is always the best way or a good aftermarket brand such a K&N

Especially seeing that the CBR250R is a new bike, you might as well do things right from the start and maintain it properly. "HiFlo" might be good, but OEM is the best.
Cruiser! I think you are right about this...especially while your bike is under don't want to have a catastrophic engine failure attributed to a will-fit filter...and Honda declining warranty. Once you are out of warranty...and the after market has a selection of filters...well then you can choose what you trust.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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