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Mississauga Powerhouse. Did a lot of calling around and web search for a good place.
Orillia told me i don't need to change the oil or do anything for at least 5000KM, Barrie just didn't talk to me at all, another place I talked to didn't know anything about valve check & adjustment. Mississauga Honda was actually knowledgeable over the phone. The cost is going to be around $300

Hi Topherguns - i bought my bike from R n R cycle and atv in Sutton, ON. initial service at 1000k was about $100. Oil, filter, inspection. they said to leave the valves etc alone based on how well it is built. next recommended service is 5000. i now have just over 2000k having had the bike for almost 2 months. You might consider calling them. they are a small dealer but i have been very pleased with them.

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