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Painted a few couple plastic pieces

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I got a little creative at work today and decided to get a couple pieces on the bike painted. The painters had free time during lunch so they squeezed it into the schedule. Had to buy them some pizzas though. $24 later, what do u guys think? Seat cowl+ lower fairing
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Too funny. after posting this thread I started to look at some other ones and there was another cbr with a red seat cowl already. But I also saw one that Worm posted where all the silver pieces on the bike was black, which looks really really good. But then Id have to take off my wheels to get them powder coated. The dealer that I bought my bike from said they can powder coat them black for me but itll cost me $700 is that a good price? I dont know how much powder coating costs+removing the wheels if I would get it done anywhere else. Can anyone tell me if thats a good price? I have access to a auto paint booth so painting anything else isnt a problem for me its just the powder coating I have no idea about. And then some red tape around the wheels once they are powder coated black. watcha thinkin
I got a quote from a local PC shop here in Atlanta for 500 and that included prep. SO yeah maybe shop around a bit.
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