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Painted a few couple plastic pieces

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I got a little creative at work today and decided to get a couple pieces on the bike painted. The painters had free time during lunch so they squeezed it into the schedule. Had to buy them some pizzas though. $24 later, what do u guys think? Seat cowl+ lower fairing
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A local shop that produces bike stands and no cut frame sliders want my bike so they can make some sliders for it. They said they will install me the frame sliders and give me a rear tire bike stand for free. Sounds so good, but I dont wanna lose my bike for a couple days cuz I use it for work travel. I hope they dont take too long, Ill post some pics up as soon as they are done. Ill do another thread about this subject and then maybe we can get a good deal on em if we get em as a group?
I was quoted under $250.00 for gloss black powder coating by the best in So. Cali. last week! I am shopping for new tires right now!
OK, so since you seem to have a free way to explore different color schemes, how about having them repaint the top "hump" in the cowling red and leave the sides of the cowling silver, creating a sort of tapered red stripe from the back of the seat to the rear point of the cowling? Might look sharp.
Looks good, painted lowers always look good.
I like the silver, but at the same time, I think the black bikes with a silver trim swap and the red bikes with a black trim swap look great too. I'd love to do black trim in place of my silver, with black PC wheels as well.
Just looking at those silver bits and thinking, this bike would look pretty good all silver
Now if only they make turbos for this bike:)
somebody posted something about a turbo kit for our bikes :D

didnt go over very well lol
Too funny. after posting this thread I started to look at some other ones and there was another cbr with a red seat cowl already. But I also saw one that Worm posted where all the silver pieces on the bike was black, which looks really really good. But then Id have to take off my wheels to get them powder coated. The dealer that I bought my bike from said they can powder coat them black for me but itll cost me $700 is that a good price? I dont know how much powder coating costs+removing the wheels if I would get it done anywhere else. Can anyone tell me if thats a good price? I have access to a auto paint booth so painting anything else isnt a problem for me its just the powder coating I have no idea about. And then some red tape around the wheels once they are powder coated black. watcha thinkin
I got a quote from a local PC shop here in Atlanta for 500 and that included prep. SO yeah maybe shop around a bit.
I got a quote from a local PC shop here in Atlanta for 500 and that included prep. SO yeah maybe shop around a bit.
I assume you talking about having them do all of the work.

To just PC a rim in gloss black, with stripping, should run in the neighborhood of $100 ea.

Removing and replacing the wheels, tires, rotor, and bearings are additional. Plan on replacing the bearings also.

Overall, I'm surprised at how high the cost is for doing the entire job.

Looks really good, I like the red in the lower plastics. Almost wonder how it would look with a silver or partly silver front fender to bring the flow of color forward.

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Oh my God, just saw the pictures of you bike and am at AHHHHH. Now it's obvious to me what I'll do with mine. Makes the bike look bigger in the side profile and just a little more sweeter! With limited time, I may have to do this after November, military.
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