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Hello CBR fellows!

This is a greeting from sunny Sweden.
I bought my Honda CBR250R in 2012 och have, during the wintertimes when its impossible to ride (because of snow and icy roads up here), done som modifications on my bike. Maybe they can inspire some of you too? CBR250R is very rare in Sweden, the model was only sold for a few years. Most of the bikers here around want bigger machines. The common bike models are from 600 cc up to 1200 cc. I went the other way, sold my silver-coloured Honda Deauville and bought me a brand new CBR250R. Pleased! Very smoth and nice to ride – as all of you already know!
I’ve attached some new taken pictures of my bike and bring you som short descricpiones of the modifications. I hope it´s possible to understand my translations into english by the way. Most of it is home-made in my little garage, in plastic, except for the bar risers and the crash protectors. They are factory-made and bought abroad as it´s hard to find these things here, while so few of us ride it.
IMG_0469_20200812_3785 kopiera.jpg IMG_0483_20200812_3799 kopiera.jpg IMG_0484_20200812_3800 kopiera.jpg IMG_0486_20200812_3802 kopiera.jpg
Have a nice ride and take care of you!
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