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Welcome to the forum, Eddy.
I'm impressed with your fearlessness in tearing down an engine you admit you're unfamiliar with, but could you be getting in over your head? I've succeeded in doing major repairs on my car that I wasn't sure I was capable of thanks to YouTube videos and forums like this, but I always ask myself 2 questions before I even pick up a wrench:
1.) Am I sure I have the basic understanding, tools and confidence to actually complete this repair?
2.) Is there an "exit strategy" if I get halfway through and realize I'm not as capable as I thought or if it's obvious that I'm just making things worse? In other words, can I put it back together as easily as it came apart?
The sheer precision with hand tools, torque specs and parts tracking methods required when rebuilding an engine can be daunting for pros. While your ambition is admirable, it won't count for much if you get a torque spec wrong or miss a step and you actually make things worse and/or your engine blows on start-up.
I know this is not a job I would attempt, given my own meager understanding of the CBR250R's engine, but whatever you do please do it safely!
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