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Passenger seat cowl...

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Has anybody got a passenger seat cowl on their 250? If so, do you have any pics? I am interested in getting this for when I get my 250, but I don't really know what it'll look like! So far, the only pics I've come across are ones where they show the rear end and not the full bike! Please post up some pics if you do! Thanks!
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I just realize last night (while reading the manual) that the max weight for the bike is only 310 lbs. I weight right at 200 so no fat chicks... seriously.

My future brother in law was sitting on mine, and my sister wanted to hop on the back to see how it felt. She's not a petite little thing I'll just say and I was like " Sorry, but with his big butt on there you'd need to weight about a 100 pounds for me to let you hop on."

Any future girlfriends have to weigh no more than 125. :p
I'm gonna start carrying a scale with me... "I'd like to give you a ride baby... step on the scale"

Hahaha, just need a little sticker to put on the rear. "No Cows"
1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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