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Road and round trip, about 3500+km, with all "detours"
First to Kuala Perlis, checking for the ferry to Langkawi ;-)
After, crossing the Peninsular to the east coast

Cruising down the east coast.
Only minor km on the tollways.
They are actually free, for motorcycles
But not really fun they are
Got the idea here:
7 Motorcycling Roads Malaysia

the very south of West-Malaysia, road ends here ;-)
Crossing to the westcoast

Fraser Hill, one of the greates Motorides, I ever done

These roads are "limited" to about max 50m long straights
I'm lovin' it! [sic]



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Ok, looks like 10 MB is the limit for picture uploads.
So no more pictures in here, right now.
Or I would have to delete from old topics.
Interesting, limiting the forum uploads.
That's so 90's !

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Best roads around are the road up to Cameron Highlands from Ipoh (Simpang Pulai exit) then heading towards Raub and the road up to Fraser's hill from Kuala Kuba Baru town. It's one way traffic up and one way traffic down. Just may be abit slipper after rain due to fallen leaves. Make sure you enjoy the food in Malaysia!

Those roads are nothing much compared to the Mae Hong Son loop in Chiang Mai though!

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@ Schroeder
I know, I can do that. But I kind of like the fact, people have to login to, to watch the pictures.
Maybe I found a solution :wink2:

@ Mage
I already liked the 4, in the north.
But all the roads, somehow connected to Fraser Hill or the Camerons are "the real deal", very motorcycle friendly.
And the 55 is perfect. Connect that for a roundtrip with the 68, if coming from KL, smiling starts right in the beginning.
From Tanah Rata, the 102, 8, 55, 1 and 59 make it a day!
Also the 181, Tanah Rata down to Ipoh is great swinging.
On the way to Penang, where the west part of the island is nice driving, again.

I enjoyed it a lot.
Probably will have to go again.
And it was nice, to drive the straight roads through the palm plantations on the east coast.
But I think, it's more a triangle "left", from West - Malaysia.
Westcoast down to KL, maybe toMelakka.
Plus the route from KL up to Tana Merah.
Looking at it from behind Motorcycle bars, i mean

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Nice photos mate. I spent five weeks in peninsular Malaysia a few years back as a winter escape.
Loved it. The Perhentian Islands off the East coast were fantastic and I spent a lot of time relaxing in the relative coolness of the Cameron Highlands. Some of the best Indian food Ive had anywhere. Penang is great too.
Unfortunately i was travelling by bus and train tho.
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