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Perfect Speed of Gear Shifting

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Just for curiosity plz post at what speed you ppl shift gears upwards..:p
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thanx guys.. i shift

1st- 0 to 14kmph
2nd-14 to 26kmph
3rd- 26 to 38kmph
4th- 38 to 48kmph
5th- 48 to 56kmph
6th- 56 onwards
max rpm 4500. any suggestion?
My suggestion is to not over think it. Shift anywhere you want between idle and red line.

Where I shift depends on my mood and if Im in a hurry or not.

I agree with the rest, generally shift early for better mpg, shift late for more fun.
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I will mention that I do make sure to shift early in low traction situations such as rain, just in case.
Check out this threat.....there may be more

I highly suggest perfecting this technique. It will solve the problems you seem to have for downshifting.
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Hmm from all the replies I think i shift a bit to low, its my 1st bike and wasn't sure how are I can ride it.

What sort of revs people sit on for normal riding about?
It depends. If Im on a city road and I will have to stop soon for a light or just may need some extra power for what ever reason I keep it in a lower gear so that I dont have to down shift If I need to get going. Also, being in the lower gear will increase the engine breaking letting you slow down faster. I just need to remember to tap the break so the car behind me knows Im slowing down, because cars don't have as much engine break, especially automatic cars.

If Im on a non busy road I may be in 6th gear by 40-45mph.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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