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Perfect Speed of Gear Shifting

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Just for curiosity plz post at what speed you ppl shift gears upwards..:p
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problem with the cbr its got a narrow band between 8500 and 10,000, outside of that it moves slower than Australia Post.
hahahahahahahahaha love it Aufitt! :p
thanx guys.. i shift

1st- 0 to 14kmph
2nd-14 to 26kmph
3rd- 26 to 38kmph
4th- 38 to 48kmph
5th- 48 to 56kmph
6th- 56 onwards
max rpm 4500. any suggestion?
wow, you are so quick to change gears. When i'm commuting mine are still above yours, but when i am doing some spirited riding mine goes like this:

1st- 0 to 50kmph
2nd-51 to 80kmph
3rd- 81 to 110kmph
4th- 111 to 130kmph

then you can bang it up a couple of gears to drop the revs. For general riding i usually shift around 6-7k rpm and cruise at around 5k minumum. 6th at 56kph seems like it would be lugging a fair bit and you won't see much power until a few seconds after touching the throttle. I sit in 4th at 60kph which is around 5k rpm :)
Hmm from all the replies I think i shift a bit to low, its my 1st bike and wasn't sure how are I can ride it.

What sort of revs people sit on for normal riding about?
when i first got the bike i was similar in shifting quite low. When you are cruising along the same road doing nothing you will definitely want to be at or above 4-4.5k at least, somewhere around 5k is where i sit for normal riding about and i will shift around 6-7 for normal riding or at the limiter for fun riding.

don't think about it too much, as long as you aren't sitting too low in the revs with no power you should be fine and once you have broken your bike in you won't do any harm if you rev the bike quite hard within reason of course :)
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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