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Perfect Speed of Gear Shifting

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Just for curiosity plz post at what speed you ppl shift gears upwards..:p
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You mean what RPM/MPH? That all depends on what you're doing. If you're commuting, you want to shift as low as possible for MPGs. If you're racing, you want to shift as high as possible for max power.

How fast do you shift? As fast as possible. Time between gears = loss of efficiency/mpg/speed.
At what MPH/Kmph.. what is MPG?
thanx guys.. i shift

1st- 0 to 14kmph
2nd-14 to 26kmph
3rd- 26 to 38kmph
4th- 38 to 48kmph
5th- 48 to 56kmph
6th- 56 onwards
max rpm 4500. any suggestion?
Depending on conditions, I can shift anywhere from 4.5k up to about the rev limiter. Not concerned about saving gas, this thing is cheap enough to not worry about gogo juice much. I just do what feels "appropriate".
I don't think about gas. I get 75ltr every month from my bank. but Rs. 74/ ltr. in India. Mango men can't afford it(added unnecessary extra line).
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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