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Post what you want your CBR to look like/Comment on others.
Post whatever modifications you have put on so others know.

Heres mine, Im still deciding to keep the color scheme or change it.

Modifications -

- Tyga Rearsets
- Akrapovic Slip on Carbon
- Go Pro Hero 2 (On the tail)
- Tyga Clip ons
- Bar end Mirrors (Cant see but they are there)
- Hotbodies Fender Elim.
- Magical Racing Tank thing
- Powder Coated white rims

Stickers -

- Honda
- GoPro

Removed -

- Reflector near front tire
- Mirrors

Total Cost of Modifications -

Roughly 1400 USD (Just an estimate, Probably add or minus a few hundred)

*I havent yet purchased any of these modifications or add ons, just made this mock up
to see how it would look. I will post the pictures of it in real life when I buy the items

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Tinted Windscreen
Two Bros M2 V.A.L.E.
Hotbodies Fender Kit
Black Fire Blade Tank Pad

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