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Got a nail in the rear wheel this morning. @#$%!

But I took the opportunity to replace the stock rubber with some Pirellis. I got the Diablo Rosso IIs. By all accounts they're about the best road tyre; maybe even overkill for our sweet little bike. They're quite a lot more expensive than the Sport Demon, but much higher performance.

I went to a local dealer (because I couldn't ride far with the nail in the tyre) to get them. I thought he was going to rip me off (just because he could have; I was stuck there), but he gave me the pair for $400 square **including fitting FOC**! (RRP: $495/pair pr e/Bay this morning: $445/pair)

So I'm pretty chuffed. Need to wear them in to scrub off the mould release before I can really put them to the test, but I'm looking forward to that extra confidence on the twisties.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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