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Plasti Dip?

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I had only heard about this stuff as a liquid in a can that you could dip tools into for a better grip. After seeing it sprayed onto various CBR parts thanks to this forum, I still wondered why you wouldn't just use paint. Then I saw the Royal Enfield forum. One of their members plasti-dip sprayed his entire C5 Chrome model in olive drab. It looked better than the factory job.

Here's the kicker. He peeled it all off! That's the key. If you don't like the look, it peels right off. I painted the bottom piece of the CBR's fairing white to go with the tricolor. Not sure if I'll keep it that way. Then I painted the lower half of my Triumph's police-style windshield. I think it looks great but if I change my mind, no big deal. It is some fun stuff.

Does it wash off in the rain? Is that why the dude doesn't like to ride in the rain?:rolleyes:
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It makes an awesome primer for paint to stick to, and then if you don't like it you can just peel it off.
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