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This site is awesome ,around 6 months ago i joined and already have gained 3 (actual,tangible)friends that are real cool,likeminded guys.Been out on 7 rides so far with these people ive met on this site ...Also if i have a mechanical question or issue,i go straight to this website now as opposed to google because number 1,Garunteed assistance with your problem,but youl find the answer is always here,someone else has already experienced it..asked it...fixed it..and posted it!

number 2,the answers are wittled down and made clearer due to much diverse feedback from not just different experiences,but very different types of people,wich i believe is often more important.

And number 3,there is none of that chav-type,viscous string of swear words and pointless personal insults...Dont hear me wrong,this site has alot of debates.:rolleyes:.But i dont see many nasty and uncalled for attacks,Members on this site will usualy respond to heaty-debates with something witty,funny,mature but RELEVANT to the situation.....then when its all over,everyone moves wars!..... Without this evil name calling,physical threats and other pointless abuse like ive seen alot of on (most) other sites,this one seems to house a pretty well oiled machine.

I wont make myself to be a website connoisseur because im quite new to forums....But i joined alot during 2013 and slowly stopped using them due to these un-evolved,jobless,keypad worriors that somehow managed to afford a laptop.. So this and facebook are the only ones i use now (and photobucket,but thats only to upload stuff onto here)........

The only one thing i could suggest changing is the size of the pictures when there uploaded.....Mine come out too big,you can see the images but other members have posted pics and there so big i can see just 1 pixel.! ;)

But bottom line,this is a smooth site.

So to the crew running this site.....Thank you for the setup and have a peacefull,fruitful 2014

Much love x
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