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what all needs to be done to the bike when i take her out of storage?
That depends on what you did when you put her IN storage.

When I store mine, I put Stabil in the gas, change the oil, and put a smart charger on the battery, so when it's time to ride in the spring nothing needs to be done except disconnect the charger. But, just to be certain, I always check the tire pressure, oil level, and coolant level. Then I check the operation of the controls and roll the bike around a bit to make sure there aren't going to be any surprises. Then I suit up, start the bike, let it idle until it's idling smoothly, and then gently ride away. My first destination of the spring is usually a deserted parking lot, where I practice some braking and swerving . . . just getting used to riding again in a safe area. Then back into another season of riding . . . .


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That depends how it was stored and for how long. Certainly new oil is recommended.
If I've had the same gas sitting in the tank with stabilizer added for months, I usually transfer it to my car and get a fresh tank of gas for the bike.
As long as you properly lubricated anything that might rust before you put it in storage and washed & waxed it prior to storing there isn't a whole lot of prep you'll need other than putting new oil in, checking for loose fittings and bolts, making sure the tires are the correct pressure with no "flat spots" from storage, etc. Routine stuff you should do all the time.
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