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Quiet Aftermarket Exhausts?

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I'm not thinking of buying one yet, but when that day comes, when I do need a new exhaust, over here, it's got to pass the MOT test. That means if it's got "Not for road use" stamped on it, and it's too loud, it isn't going to pass. I came across this website that is selling "EC" stamped exhausts, that are supposed to be road legal. I've heard many complaints on here about aftermarket exhausts being too loud. I quite like the look of the cheapest Remus can, and the cheapest Scorpion can (I think you can buy the Scorpion can in stainless steel elsewhere). I've also noticed that the Leo Vince Evo I and II is being sold on here as street legal. I wonder if they have quieter baffles in them than is sold elsewhere in the world, or they're bending the truth a bit. I thought this may be of interest to those of you who wanted a different exhaust, but also didn't want one that was unsociably loud. ;)

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Here in the U.S., under Federal EPA laws it's illegal to modify any part of a street legal motor vehicle emissions system that would render the vehicle non compliant to the emissions standards in effect at the time of manufacture. It doesn't matter whether your particular state or locale does emissions testing or not... it's illegal under Federal Law. That said, I'm not worried about the feds coming around to bust me for my FMF Apex slip on... after March 1st, the feds will be lucky if they have the money to issue parking tickets in the nations capital... :)

I don't think any aftermarket exhaust can change the fact that a single cylinder thumper will always sound like... a single cylinder thumper. It's funny, I haven't seen any of the guys on the Honda XR forums (or other thumper forums) bitching about how their bikes sound like a CBR250R. :rolleyes:
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Mufflers that incorporate a Cat are going to be very heavy.
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