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Quiet Aftermarket Exhausts?

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I'm not thinking of buying one yet, but when that day comes, when I do need a new exhaust, over here, it's got to pass the MOT test. That means if it's got "Not for road use" stamped on it, and it's too loud, it isn't going to pass. I came across this website that is selling "EC" stamped exhausts, that are supposed to be road legal. I've heard many complaints on here about aftermarket exhausts being too loud. I quite like the look of the cheapest Remus can, and the cheapest Scorpion can (I think you can buy the Scorpion can in stainless steel elsewhere). I've also noticed that the Leo Vince Evo I and II is being sold on here as street legal. I wonder if they have quieter baffles in them than is sold elsewhere in the world, or they're bending the truth a bit. I thought this may be of interest to those of you who wanted a different exhaust, but also didn't want one that was unsociably loud. ;)

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Man those laws really are clear as mud...

Here's the EC certificate for the Akrapovic Slip on line (not sure if this is just the SS,Carbon or both), sounds like that's all you need and the muffler does come with the baffles installed at time of manufacturing which seems like another requirement.

Here's some general info for the Akrapovic Stainless Steel. Seems like there is no change in max db compared to stock.

Here's the stats for the Carbon Fiber slip on. Appears to be 10 db louder than stock.

Here's the link for the optional Catalytic converter insert.
P-KAT-028 Catalytic converter - Akrapovi

Hope you can use the Akra, because it's pretty ******************** awesome. I installed the carbon fiber slip on the other day and I'm in love with the thing. Looks and sounds amazing, lost a fraction of the weight and some nice performance gains. I love that I can actually hear throttle blip and decel now. It's not too loud, although it will attract some attention if you want it too ;p.

Good luck with your search!
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The Stainless Steel Slip On appears to have no change in max db compared to the stock muffler, which probably works out best for you.

The Carbon Fiber is +10 db louder than the stock.
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The trouble with lstening to clips on Youtube, is it's very difficult to judge the volume of an exhaust. My bike sounds mean, if you watch any of my Youtube clips, but it sounds more like a sewing machine to me, when I'm riding it.
+1 on the your tube sound clips, it sounds nothing like the real thing. You would need some high end recording equipment and a proper sound studio to come anywhere near what it sounds like without the real thing.

Got the Akrapovic carbon fiber slip on a couple weeks ago and it sounds great! It does sound bit like a dirt bike but that's somewhat expected, but now I can hear what the bike is doing. It's loud enough to draw some attention which is good for surrounding traffic. Throttle blip and decel sound great! It looks amazing on my tri-color, and the weight savings and small performance gains alone are worth the price.
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