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You guys saw it done first by me :p

One R&G Racing fender eliminator.

One Pair of eBay LED indicators and 25w 6.2ohm resistors.

What in the box

Nice well built metal

Mounted the plate and did all the wiring for the resistors and LED indicators on a custom bracket. Resistors are used in parallel with the indicators to maintain the normal flash rate.

Bike stripped to remove old fender and fit new one.

Here is the only issue I had, the tight area where the wiring sits causes this rear part to sit high,Where the fender and rear plasic meet there are no bolts or clips to hold this area at the very back in. The old one had the 2 pins from the rear light to hold it in. But the mounts for the pins are gone with the old fender. I think its fixed here by the below pic

So here was my perfect fit, A few zip ties around the frame and the 2 pins on the headlight holds it down really well. I used thin ones and yellow as thats all I had laying around, but they worked perfect.



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well looks like i'm getting the R&G - check'd out what other folks said about the Yoshi which is disappointing because i like Yoshi stuff, nothing better than bungin' an old 347 on the end of your pipe! also read some disappointment with the Hotbodies product.

anyone have an idea the best place to pick one up in the US?

thanks for the pics etc, cheers!
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