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IRS Indospeed Race Series 2013 in Indonesia.
new regulation has been announce for 2013.
1st race 30 march 2013
2nd race 12 may 2013
3rd race 29 june 2013
4th race 15 sept 2013
5th race 06 oct 2013
this year seasons.
One make Race class, only camshaft and clutch spring can be modified, the rest must use stock parts and no porting polish allowed. enjoy the picture

- custom fiber front end,
- Pazzaz clutch holder and handle
- brembo R1 master brake and KTC brake reservoir
- Hell braided steel brake line
- KTC clip-on
- Domino throttle kit
- Kawahara Pre-load
- Bitubo front spring shock absorber
- Bitubo Rear Adjustable shock absorber

- ultra highperformance ignition kit
- custom thinner gasket
- ARACER standalone ECU
- custom camshaft
- Yoshimura USA exhaust

to be continue..

Intake Camshaft new lift and duration.


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Bit strange they have a one make series then allow such modifications,
Those with biggest budget wins.

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there are 2 classes that CBR250 can join.
1. OMR CBR250. all cbr250 compete become the first.
2. National championship. Kawasaki ninja 250 and Cbr250 compete become the first. basically this class is for honda and kawasaki factory team.

omr250 class has limited regulation on engine, therefor we maximize it on suspension etc.

this is CBR250 Astra Racing Team facebook who won last year all seasons championship.they are Factory team.
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