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Race Tech Suspension

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I have spoken with race tech over the last couple days, and they are looking for a CBR250R to R&D suspension upgrades on. They need the bike for three weeks, and offer a 40% discount on parts and labor for what ever level of suspension you want. If anyone is interested, they have to book the 3 weeks. Call race tech X107, Christie Gunter for info from the company.

added: they are in Carona, Ca.
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Have you ridden much more with the new setup. Do you still think they're worthwhile?
Just spoke to shock treatment (Australian racetech distributor) can get the internals for around $350 AUD. Can get a YSS Rear shock for around $450 AUD. Do you remember how much you paid? I know you used your bike for r&d but trying to get an idea on price.
I don't want to poach woolfs thread, but I can answer some questions. Your looking at around five hundred (USD) to have them install the components in the fork, $135 is labor. I am competent mechanically, but they really know what they need to do and they even honed the fork tubes. The shock is $1300 and you must get the remote reservoir (included) if you have ABS.

Here is what I think of the upgrade:

I absolutely love the upgrade and consider it criminal to let any rider, especially a new rider, leave the store on a bike that isn't sprung for them. If you ever wonder how a motorcycle is supposed to handle, get a properly setup suspension. I weigh 255 pounds so this was a necessary upgrade for safety. Lighter riders may be ok with the stock suspension.

The only problem is now I have to buy a Race Tech suspension for my next MC. I don't think I will be able to tolerate poor suspension again.
Will definitely be getting the front end done at Shock Treatment with Racetech internals. But $1300 for a rear shock is way out of my league for this bike, though I'd love to. I'll have a talk to shock treatment again on Monday and see what options and prices they can come up with. Be it with a Racetech rear or some other brand.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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