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Radiator Guards

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I added this guard for the radiator - did the same thing on my Kawasaki Versys. The manufacturers should include protection for the radiators on these 2 bikes. This is just a piece of black powder-coated 6 inch gutter guard; the type that is L-shaped in cross section because it snaps into the outer edge of the gutter. I just cut it to the length of the radiator's width and then zip tie it on. I screw a small rubber foot in the middle of the bottom edge that rests against the radiator to maintain the gap between the guard and the radiator on the bottom edge. It is kind of hard to see in the photo - the camera kept trying to focus on something else.


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Good idea and nice job. Gotta like these low/no dollar mods. Mine will get done before spring.
D**m, I just ordered one from R&G Racing last week for £44!
D**m, I just ordered one from R&G Racing last week for £44!
Yeah the R&G one was on my list, too, but now I'm headed to Lowes after work.:)

Great idea. I used plastic mesh behind the grille openings of my Honda fit. The metal you found is perfect for a motorcycle radiator.
nice, thats a really good idea

Ok my local Lowes and Home Depot only have two options: first is an all plastic mesh, not sure if it would melt on the radiator or not, and the second is metal but is preshaped in an arc so it would have to be flattened out to work.
Anyone know the exact dimensions of the piece of mesh you need?
I'm getting ready to make one myself and I measured 6"x10", this is the finned area inbetween the end caps.
Nice job. It feels great to save some cash with DIY work.

Are the zip ties in direct contact with the radiator? That's gonna melt or at least weaken the plastic over time, no? At Home Depot they sell metal zip ties right next to the plastic ones, seems like a good upgrade to your setup.
Thanks Invader!

Here's some 1/4" welded SS mesh that I found. It's made using
0.0470 Inch diameter wire.

Downside is that you have to buy about $100 worth of it.

Here's some non-welded SS mesh. Not as elegant in that the wires are loose woven. Upside is that you can buy as little as 1 sq. ft.

Here's what I ordered:

Stainless Steel 316 Mesh Sheet, #3 x 3, 0.063" Wire Diameter, 66% Open Area, 12" Width x 12" Length This is about 1/4" mesh.
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Just remembered that Pepboys sells metal mesh for car grilles, that may be an option too.
I hope you bought the spot-welded mesh. I can imagine the loose weave rattling like a bird cage at highway speeds.
I hope you bought the spot-welded mesh. I can imagine the loose weave rattling like a bird cage at highway speeds.
It's probably not welded but then it's only 4 bucks or so delivered. I'll let you know how it works.
It came in. The wires are welded but in a woven pattern vs. the cleaner appearing pattern in the 1st photo that I posted. Total bill, with 2 day Amazon Prime shipping, for the 12 x 12 piece which probably will cover two radiators was $4.30.

Plan is to cut it with a Dremel wheel and hook it up.
I made this guard with some perforated SST I had. Painted it black put some edge trim around it so I don't get metal to metal contact and attached with tie wraps.
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Radiator Guard Material

Here is a photo of the remainder from the piece I used. It is 6 inches wide and I used a 10 inch length. This is a relatively rigid mesh. I purchased this from a gutter supply house for like $3; I don't see this at Lowes or Home Depot. You can see the 90 degree bend at the top which keeps about 1/2 inch clearance between the radiator and the guard at the top. The rubber bumper you can see in the origianl photo keeps the clearance at the bottom. The one I put on my Versys has been there more than 2 years now and still cleans up nicely.


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