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Reflective Rimtape

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Someone suggest to me what colour 'doesnt' look silly on the metal grey/silver wheels on the black cbr250r's in terms of reflective rim tape.

if you've perhaps seen it in person?
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I'm getting Red on my tri-colour, here's an idea of what it will look like:

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Where does one buy this tape, and is it as much of a pain in the ass to apply as it seems like it would be?
i was originally going to get the red for my black CBR.
but i ended up getting a HALO ring for my helmet instead.
Where does one buy this tape, and is it as much of a pain in the ass to apply as it seems like it would be?
I Got a set on eBay for about $10, It's 4 Pieces per rim/side so it should be fairly easy to put on.
Tri color tape

Just found this red/white/blue rim tape for the tri-color! Anyone else seen or have this? It's pricy but different...$35. Wow.


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I've been thinking of reflective black on my silver wheels(red/silver bike).
Black Reflective Rim Stripe Tape Decal Motorcycle Car items in therimstripe store on eBay!

or you can get it in a "strobe" or "tapered stripe" instead of a solid ring

Reflective Speed Tapered Wheel Rim Tape Stripe fit Motorcycles, Cars or Trucks items in Vehicleartz store on eBay!

I really like some of the stuff at this store but currently they are "away"?

items in CERTIFIED GRAPHIC DESIGNS store on eBay!
Seems to me the best color reflective rim tape for silver wheels that wouldn't look "silly' would be...silver.
My bike is red/silver with red rim tape. I think it would look good on your all black bike too. See my pics of how it looks during the day and how reflective it becomes at night.

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That tricolor rim tape is pretty cool if you have that bike. I tried the red tape on my red/silver bike and it lasted about 30 seconds before I tore it off. Didn't care for the look on silver rims. I might like it better if I had black rims though...
I think I am going with a solid color. Looking for a blue that will match the tri blue but haven't found one yet.

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Mine is green on the silver rims and in my opinion looks good. Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Headlamp Automotive lighting

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Another in daylight. Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Rim

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