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replace rear seat with tail bag?

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Let me see if i can explain what i mean here :)

What i would like to see is if there is such a thing as a Givi-like
tail bag that locks into and in place of a rear seat.

so you remove the rear seat. and this hard/lockable
case clicks in just like if it was the rear seat. And it should
be of a capacity of around 21L
Also no bottom on the case so the current under seat area
becomes the bottom of the new case.
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I'm not sure I trust that latch to hold a case with all my stuff in it lol. I've had plenty of times where I realized it didn't latch even though I was confident I had a nice solid click when I closed it.
Aftermarket rear seats are cheap if you want to get one and screw the normal Givi mount right through the seat.
I reackon you'd probably have to Frankenstein one yourself. I doubt something like that would be on the market. As somebody5788 mentioned probably not the most secure mounting point for something with that sort of capacity.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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