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Repsol travels backin time

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Hi Guys, although the location is not as glamour's as the USA i went for a longish ride in-between the great British weather this weekend.

Stuck with somewhere to go, I opted for a infamous location that featured in the worlds press on the 8th august 1963.

Here is the site of the

Seers crossing where the train was stopped, before moving it to the bridge.

With the scene of the crime dealt with another 30 miles to the farmhouse where the gang holed up after the robbery, its present owner is not happy about all the attention that his property receives has implemented landscape measures i.e. tall hedge's to block of the view from the public, (I bit difficult as his drive way is a public bridleway and there is public footpath around the perimeter of his house.)

The only pictures i could take were is the front gate (manned by 2 guard dogs) and a long shot from an adjacent road.

Over all round trip was 207 miles (233 recorded on 13/38 gearing, corrected by 11% as per Moto mikes GPS figures), fuel fill up at 187 miles was 9 litres (2 UK gallons) and works out at 82mpg (corrected by 11%)

Trip took 5 hours, stopping for gas, food, bodily functions and map reading, average rpms 6000 - 7000 speeds around 65-70 on the motorway sections with the occasional 9000rpm/85mph for overtaking.

More pics of the British countryside


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Sorry having problem with my google account, I relink the pictures when I get more time.

Picture linking problem solved.
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