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Riding the GQ - Realizing my dream - more riding less pics

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Finally realized a dream trip of my life; pic says it all...

This is more of endurance riding or we tried doing it as endurance as there's nothing scenic experience on a fast 4 to 6 lane highway riding through major towns of India covering 13 states over 5890 Kms (3600+ miles) in less than 6 days.

What a great way to experience the country in a short span of time in a nutshell!!!

More to come...
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5 1/2 1000km days in a row...make it affordable.
Means a lot coming from you :) Tks

I have heard of modern Indian...the crumbly pavement like in US)
Well Yes & No; the west side of India beats me, I've been to MI, MN, NY & WI. The East side sucks!!! really sucks; not in terms of road (they're still a challenge to developed countries), but you can find an entire family on the road. Keep reading this T'Log & you'll know how.

Well done!

excellent stuff. serious mileage
I'm very highly indebted to Kumar Sir for his advice & suggestion through out the trip, without which I'm very sure my trip would've not been successful or may not even be possible in the first place.

The bike did not need any service, just any service, except for lubing the chain twice in the last 5890 Km.

I started the trip on 03-Jun-2012 at 2:13 AM & completed by 08-Jun-2012 by 9:31 PM; here's the overall log...
Day1 - Chennai - Karnataka - Maharashtra
Day 2 - Maharashtra - Gujarat - Rajasthan
Day 3 - Rajasthan - Delhi - Haryana
Day 4 - Haryana - UP - Bihar
Day 5 - Bihar - Jharkand - West Bengal - Orissa
Day 6 - Orissa - Andhra Pradesh - Tamilnadu (Chennai)

Like every other ride, this trip has taught me a lot, a lot of things; more than the journey, the experience itself is amazing. If I were to do it again, even today, I would never refuse. What a great way to see the amazing way of life of my country.

Mumbai, Night life from Lonavala
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Fantastic, well done. I'd love to travel around India someday, at a bit of a slower pace than that though. :D
Sure; Welcome; we can help you by all possible means.

Congratulations, super!

What is your favorite speed to ride on the big highways?
Depends on the mind; I don't push myself when I don't feel like doing 60mph & do not slow down. Remember we're in India where the speed limit for motorcycles is only 50 Kmph (31mph). Thanks to corruption & lack of law enforcement due to which we're able to match international speeds :D

How old are you?
18 at heart, but 17 more to admit :D

Are the cbr250s so plentiful that you could just stop into a bike shop and buy one, or is there still a huge waiting list?
STD is available off the shelf; max 1 week. ABS takes about 60 days

Could an American do the trip same as you or would that be unwise?
To be frank it depends on the individual. When I started driving in MI, I was practicing in parking lot for about an hour to two. Then gradually I took on the roads. In US all I've to do is FOLLOW THE PROCESS. But in India, there's nothing called following the process. Through this travelogue, I'll expose some worst driving/riding in India. Point is that, one has to be 200% concentrating on the road. One does not know from where, how, when, what could jump; be it cattle, human or another vehicle. But again, practice makes things perfect.

Back in the day, I thought it was pretty hard taking the train across India
Trains are easiest, cheapest & fun way to explore the country. Pls visit the FB page I provided above, you can get more than answered to your questions.
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For people who want to know what GQ is about, here're some reading - Golden Quadrilateral - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Golden Quadrilateral is a highway network connecting India's four largest metropolises: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, thus forming a quadrilateral of sorts. Four other top ten metropolises: Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Surat, are also served by the network. The largest highway project in India, initiated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, it is the first phase of the National Highways Development Project (NHDP), and consists of building 5,846 km (3,633 mi) of four/six lane express highways at a cost of 60,000 crore (US$11.97 billion). . In January 2012, India announced the four lane GQ highway network as complete. The 5,846 km (3,633 mi) of highway connects many of the major industrial, agricultural and cultural centers of India. It is the 5th longest highway in the world.
So when I start the trip on 3rd morning...
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Impressive, sounds like a great adventure.

Look forward to more of the story, and more photos.
Yes, it was one excellent ride & pray God bless me with one more opportunity :D

That's awesome. A really great trip.
Route map of Day 1

Date: 3-Jun-12
From: Chennai, Tamilnadu India
Destination: Mumbai, Maharasthra, India
States covered: Tamilnadu - Karnataka - Maharashtra
Starting ODO: 22840
Ending ODO: 24179
Total Distance 1339 Km (840 mi approx)
Time taken: 25 hours

We made innumerable stops & add to that, there was huge, chaotic (mad is understood) weekend traffic between Pune to Mumbai
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Your daily mileage is impressive. Any touring mods? what kind of bags/gear did you use?
Surprisingly I only took my Nelson Rigg Spirit 30 tail bag; I'm glad I took that. No other modification, absolutely none.

I suggest for your next adventure, like Sjaak, Nick, and many other greats before you... a good circumnavigation of the world trip should be in your future
Aaha!!! Thanks for your wishes, but I'm married man with 2 kids & especially in a country like India, where society & family are closely knitted unlike the US where such things are appreciated. Here riding to work everyday for even 15 mi is considered irresponsible & unsafe. World tour? Me? Will scare the s*** out of people. I'll be termed maniac & locked up in an asylum!!! Lol :D
Very much worth the watch, in those rare times you may have available to do so. :)
Will do. Tks for the suggestions :)

I like the way you think :) Just a bag ,a small tool kit , and a couple days clothes and you're set. Happy trails friend:)
Thanks :)

Coming up Day 1 & more...
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