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Riding the GQ - Realizing my dream - more riding less pics

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Finally realized a dream trip of my life; pic says it all...

This is more of endurance riding or we tried doing it as endurance as there's nothing scenic experience on a fast 4 to 6 lane highway riding through major towns of India covering 13 states over 5890 Kms (3600+ miles) in less than 6 days.

What a great way to experience the country in a short span of time in a nutshell!!!

More to come...
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Your daily mileage is impressive. Any touring mods? what kind of bags/gear did you use?
Surprisingly I only took my Nelson Rigg Spirit 30 tail bag; I'm glad I took that. No other modification, absolutely none.
I like the way you think :) Just a bag ,a small tool kit , and a couple days clothes and you're set. Happy trails friend:)
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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