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Riding the GQ - Realizing my dream - more riding less pics

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Finally realized a dream trip of my life; pic says it all...

This is more of endurance riding or we tried doing it as endurance as there's nothing scenic experience on a fast 4 to 6 lane highway riding through major towns of India covering 13 states over 5890 Kms (3600+ miles) in less than 6 days.

What a great way to experience the country in a short span of time in a nutshell!!!

More to come...
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Impressive, sounds like a great adventure.

Look forward to more of the story, and more photos.

I assume you know of the many people who have made incredible long distance rides by motorcycle?

I suggest for your next adventure, like Sjaak, Nick, and many other greats before you... a good circumnavigation of the world trip should be in your future.

Aaha!!! Thanks for your wishes, but I'm married man with 2 kids & especially in a country like India, where society & family are closely knitted unlike the US where such things are appreciated. Here riding to work everyday for even 15 mi is considered irresponsible & unsafe. World tour? Me? Will scare the s*** out of people. I'll be termed maniac & locked up in an asylum!!! Lol :D
One can dream. Perhaps voyeuristic participation. Have you seen "Long Way Round" or "Long Way Down" DVDs? If not, you should try to find them. Very much worth the watch, in those rare times you may have available to do so. :)
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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