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Rode the Cherohaya Skyway Today

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This is the longest day ride my g/f and I have done on the little CBR. 100 miles to Tellico Plains, Tn, 51 miles across the Skyway to Robbinsville, NC. 51 miles
back to Tellico, and 100 miles home. The 250 more than kept up. The couple we were riding with were on much larger bikes, and both were experienced riders. Granted, no one was trying to race or anything, but they set a pace that had us passing more than one group of Harleys or Trikes. This little bike we ride is one tough customer. However, kudos to my adorable g/f who did around 300 milles on that little seat...and keep in mind she's 48 and I'm 58...
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Any pic's of your ride?
New rule, we need pics when you go on these great adventurous lets see them.
Sounds like a great ride and yes she is a trooper for ridding that long on the back. I hate not being a driver.
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Riding the Cherohaya Skyway.

Greetings Phil A,

That is a very nice ride, My wife and I have ridden it many times.

Before you Enter Here,

You need to Fuel Up Here.

So you can Out Run This.

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Soul Searcher...I rode the Dragon a few weeks ago, and I'm just not sure how much fun it'd be 2 up...The 250's a great bike but really struggles getting out of those tight corners...
Also, I don't know exactly where in Florida you are, but if you haven't ridden the 10 mile road from Crystal River onto Ozello Island, do it soon...(my g/f's father lives out there)
Phil A... I live about 17 miles South of Ocala, Fl off Hwy 441. I've ridden that Hwy many Times.

The image of the Green Dragon is Located on the Left, when entering Tellico Plains from the Skyway. Almost the Last Thing you see when leaving Tellico Plains headed toward the Skyway.

I guess the Green Dragon got irritated at the amount of Knee Draggers distributing his Sleep on the Tale of the Dragon. Had to find a less noisy place to stay.
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