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Safety for Children riding as passengers

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Hello all, my GF has the bright idea of taking the kids out riding with us. the boy can't quite reach around completely, and I recall seeing some contraption at the bike shop that had handles, and it was like a kidney belt and people could grab the handles to stick to you. Anyone know what that thing was called? I am looking for it on ebay or amazon, but i'm using bad description lookups or something, thanks!
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Room for 8.
I only see 7 But there is another version floating around the internet where someone has Photoshopped a baby in the bucket. :)

I want to take my son as a passenger and he is 13. The two problems are that I'm not comfortable myself on the bike yet, and his attention span is so short I'm afraid he would try to do something stupid while on the bike.

But I'm looking forward to the day when he can ride with me.
It's hard to tell... but

Black/white strips, grey, head we don't see a shirt, black shirt, brown coat, brown shirt, red shirt, kid in a backpack. 8
You are absolutely right...somehow I missed the one holding the bucket.

I just bumped this from the grave to report I took my son for his first ride, and my first ride with a passenger. He's 14 now and I think I was more nervous than him. Great tips on this forum and we had a great ride. And now he wants his own motorcycle. He's going to have to wait a couple more years for a street bike though. I told him by then he can have the CBR250 and I'll get something bigger. But he's already got his sights on a CBR1000RR :eek:
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