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Safety for Children riding as passengers

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Hello all, my GF has the bright idea of taking the kids out riding with us. the boy can't quite reach around completely, and I recall seeing some contraption at the bike shop that had handles, and it was like a kidney belt and people could grab the handles to stick to you. Anyone know what that thing was called? I am looking for it on ebay or amazon, but i'm using bad description lookups or something, thanks!
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I rode pillion for several years before getting my own ride, and many more years after that before I was old enough to ride on the road solo.

I'd hold on to Pop's belt or belt loops.

Check your local laws- many states have minimum legal passenger ages now. In texas the minimum age is 5, though back in the 70's I was free to ride pillion at 3, and enjoyed the bloody hell out of it. :)
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That's good then. I could not when I started, but I was too young to realize I should. Pops wouldn't have taken me if I couldn't hold on and if there wasn't a helmet that fit me.
It's hard to tell... but the black and white striped shirt at the front doesn't belong to the head you mostly see up front. That kid is wearing a grey shirt...and if you look close enough, you can just barely see the cheek of the lil guy in the black/white shirt up front.

Black/white strips, grey, head we don't see a shirt, black shirt, brown coat, brown shirt, red shirt, kid in a backpack. 8
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