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Safety for Children riding as passengers

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Hello all, my GF has the bright idea of taking the kids out riding with us. the boy can't quite reach around completely, and I recall seeing some contraption at the bike shop that had handles, and it was like a kidney belt and people could grab the handles to stick to you. Anyone know what that thing was called? I am looking for it on ebay or amazon, but i'm using bad description lookups or something, thanks!
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Safe? No! Fun? Hell yeah! Check your local laws. Some states require the passenger pegs be within reach of the passenger. Others just require that they be installed. In the olden days it was not uncommon to see small kids on the gas tank. I don't think that is legal anywhere. I used a device made in Canada that strapped the kid to me like a backpack. Can't remember the name but they showed it in use on a snowmobile and on horseback. Don't do it if you don't want your kid to ride when she grows up! The CBR belongs to my daughter. She lets me ride it sometimes.
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