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Show me your tank bag! (pics, pics, pics!!!)

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I'm a new proud owner (two months so far, and 190 VERY cold miles) of a 2012 tri-color and I'm looking for a good tank bag. If anyone can post a pic of their bag with brand I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm a bit particular: I'd prefer magnetics and they have to lie fairly smoothly. I used to have a VFR800 and the only bag I liked on it (after four tries) was the cortech tank bag with the gas cap mount. loved it. Because of the setup of this bike's tank (no screws) I can't mount the same bag.

I've been eyeballin' the firstgear stuff, cortech, and Givi. I tend to lean towards the non-rectangle style bag. Max storage capacity isn't a big concern of mine; just need something to hold the essentials.

thanks in advance!
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I use a Ventura Thruxton tank bag. It's about 20 litres, attaches via magnets and holds a [email protected] load of stuff. As I commute to work, it has wet weather gear, work shoes, work pants, lunch, wallet, phone, keys, building access card etc. Normally also an iPad.

On occasion, I've even managed to fit my 15" MacBook Pro in there... wouldn't recommend that though for a couple of reasons. Main one being - do you REALLY want all your data rubbing up against some super-powerful magnets? Didn't think so!

Link: Thruxton (Magnetic Tank-Bag), Motorcycle luggage, hard soft motorcycle luggage, racks, touring luggage | Ventura
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