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Show me your tank bag! (pics, pics, pics!!!)

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I'm a new proud owner (two months so far, and 190 VERY cold miles) of a 2012 tri-color and I'm looking for a good tank bag. If anyone can post a pic of their bag with brand I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm a bit particular: I'd prefer magnetics and they have to lie fairly smoothly. I used to have a VFR800 and the only bag I liked on it (after four tries) was the cortech tank bag with the gas cap mount. loved it. Because of the setup of this bike's tank (no screws) I can't mount the same bag.

I've been eyeballin' the firstgear stuff, cortech, and Givi. I tend to lean towards the non-rectangle style bag. Max storage capacity isn't a big concern of mine; just need something to hold the essentials.

thanks in advance!
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I have the icon urban tank bag and I love it. . I got it on a great deal for $15 however it did scratch up my tank pretty bad, gotta love dusty New Mexico. Oh well, I plan on repainting the bike when I pay it off. I will take a pic tommrow morning.
Nice bag! How many litres? I'm thinking about buy a 15l bag
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