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Show us your FROTY (First Ride Of The Year)

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New Year's Day and with the weather as good as it gets in the British winter I managed to find a spare hour before my sister and her family were due to visit.
[/url]IMG_1992 by Keith Whitten, on Flickr[/IMG]
[/url]IMG_1994 by Keith Whitten, on Flickr[/IMG]
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In 1963 I rode a 50cc Kriedler Floret from Chicago to the west coast and down throughout Mexico, with no problems, 10,576 miles. I used a box of 8 spark plugs and had to decarbon the head, cylinder and muffler a number of times, no other problems! I had a brand new Bonneville at that time and I knew it wouldn’t make it!? Sad!
Take Care & ride safe,

Way before my time (I was born in '63), but stories of trips like that on tiny cycles always make me wish I'd been riding during those days. Peter Egan (of Cycle World fame) has stories like that of riding a small bike (either a S90 or CB160 I think) cross country.

Something most of us can't imagine doing today.

I wish Kreidler was still around (and still German). I loved their road racing and LSR bikes from back in the day.
These aren't from this year, but it's about all we do on 2 wheels in the winter. The street bikes are prepped for storage when we hit December and stay there until it looks good in spring.

My 2 boys out on the lake. Both are making big changes this week. The oldest (#8) just graduated as a ME and is starting at Harley Davidson next week. The youngest (#12) has enlisted in the Marines and is leaving next week for Basic Training in California.

We like our little Honda 4-strokes for winter riding.
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I think HD is in the process of changing things up. There are SO MANY HDs out there for sale, I can't imagine the market is very good for new ones. The typical HD owner is hanging up their chaps and selling their HOGs at this point most likely.

They may be looking for a total revamp with confirmed Adventure and Electric models. There have been photos floating around of a new small bike with a Street Tracker-look that would be produced in India.

He's just out of school, with no work experience in Engineering, but he does have almost 20 years riding motorcycles. I'm thinking they may be looking for a different engineering perspective to help with appealing to a completely new segment of riders.
I've been hearing that Wisconsin doesn't have much of a snow cover yet?
Not much.

Up nort a ways (60 mi from me) there is about 6 or 7" on the ground. In this area, after last weekend's 40F temps and rain, there's nothing at all.

Riding on wet packing snow is pretty good, even on a frozen lake. If it thaws and refreezes (in the woods) in spots it's a real challenge to stay upright.
So will you be passing on any insights into what Harley Davidson will be offering in years to come? Although I don't think much will change in the foreseeable future, their customers don't like change very much.
If these concepts are any indication, HD is definitely exploring completely new territory -
No riding for me today -

Seriously, can't remember the last time it was this !#$%^ cold!

It's windy too, so subtract another 10 to 20 degrees if you factor in windchill.
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Shucks, it is 68 here in the late afternoon. I was riding this morning in the 40s.
There's one in every crowd...

Not as bad this morning, only -21F.

Funny thing is they are call for temps in the +40s this weekend.
And exactly a week later to the day -

A 70F swing in one week.

Raining now, but that will change tonight.
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Oldest son had a chance to take a spin on a coworker's KX450 ice bike over the weekend -

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I don't ride my street bikes in the winter, but do get out on the dirt bikes occasionally.

Saw a BMW rider on the road last night. It was 4F and the roads were still partially snow covered and icy in spots from yesterday's 2" snowfall.

No idea why you would do that, but whatever...
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