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Show us your FROTY (First Ride Of The Year)

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New Year's Day and with the weather as good as it gets in the British winter I managed to find a spare hour before my sister and her family were due to visit.
[/url]IMG_1992 by Keith Whitten, on Flickr[/IMG]
[/url]IMG_1994 by Keith Whitten, on Flickr[/IMG]
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Well it's going to be several months before I'll get my first motorcycle ride of the year in, but I did go for a short snowmobile ride with my daughter on New Years Eve morning ...

By the time the snow ended on New Years Day (started snowing late Sunday night) over 30" of fresh powder had fallen, making for a challenging ride...


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...We like our little Honda 4-strokes for winter riding.
I've been hearing that Wisconsin doesn't have much of a snow cover yet?
We're getting hammered again today with snow. So far this morning about 7" have fallen in 3 hours time. Should see close to a foot and a half before this storm moves out of the area.

Total snowfall here since Nov. 1st is around 80" and counting. After last winter's lackluster snow pack, and with "El Nino" being in control this winter, it should make for a banner snow season in southern Colorado.
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Meanwhile, in the north of Sweden

I've booked to go out and meet up with a friend up there to ride the ice roads on fatbikes. But not until mid March when it should be just a little warmer. Back in England I was out on my fatbike in -6C (21F) a couple of nights ago. As long as I kept moving I was reasonably comfortable.
That looks like a lot of fun! I see a lot of fat tire bikes around my area. Durango (as is nearby Moab, Utah) has become a hub for mountain biking.

I've seen pic's & video's of some pretty nice backcountry snowmobiling in Sweden too, similar to the mountain terrain we ride here in Colorado.
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