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Honda: INNOVA125i(2010); CBR250R(2013)
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Hi, community. Rodger here, it's been a while now since I started riding Cbr and joined this forum some time ago. I was looking for the discussions on luggage, bags, etc. all of them are too old and could not of much help. So, I thought to make new one. I have a pair of cruiser style leather saddlebags, the tail of my CBR250R isn't square enough, I was able to run straps under the seat and wheel well to hold them in place, but tail is angled so the bags tilt in towards the wheel. And idk because of rubbing with tires or what, left side bag's gone:
View attachment 44964 View attachment 44965 View attachment 44966

Has anybody had any luck mounting leather saddlebags on? I suspect I'm going to have to make something to hold them in place myself, but wanted to see if anyone else has any suggestions first.
Also, if there's any other cheaper option I wanna remove these and replace them with something better.
I personally find that a simple strap meets 100% of my requirements.
I demonstrated in the pictures:
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The condition is that the luggage should be well packed,
and the strap fastens it tightly to the back seat. The same goes for shopping at the supermarket, and any other requirement.
For the camping I take a trekking bag!(LINK), and the bag protrudes from the CBR tail.
Brown Luggage and bags Bag Backpack Electric blue

And if I have to walk with the bag on foot it is very convenient.

  • Relatively high center of gravity.
  • No additional passenger.
  • Limited riding speed.
  • Check that the tie is strong,
  • and that there are no loose straps that could get caught in the wheel.
  • A simple and inexpensive solution.
  • Does not take space.
  • The strap always with me.
  • When I am not loading equipment, the motorcycle retains its original design.

Honda: INNOVA125i(2010); CBR250R(2013)
245 Posts
Thanks so much Tamir. You're really helpful and kind. I should be considering your advise.
Rodger thanks! If you're in D.I.Y arc-welding job you might be interested in something in the style of Givi 22E?
then you can take ideas from here (pictures how to assemble Givi to CBR250R - LINK)
OR here: https://www.cbr250...givi-e22-bags-and-luggage-rack

More here: "GIVI"

There is a problem with the Heat From the Exhaust (LINK1, LINK2) and proper insulation needs to be added to the right luggage

Link to three recommended videos on YouTube:
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