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Silent side stand modification

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Silent side stand modification tutorial

Factory sidestand is loud and knocks when opens and closes

Modification time: 5min.
You have to take rubber i.e. from tube, and strong insulating tape.

Then with nitro or silicone remover clean places carefully

Then stick rubber using insulating tape into support in two places shown with scissors .

Done. Our sidestand is now silent and opens and closes smooth without knocking;)

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While I applaud your ingenuity here, I like to hear that definitive snap of the side stand going into position, up or down. That way I know positively that it's not just hanging there half way between stops, ready to mess up my day.:(
LOL that is the first thing I would do too and it would really mess up my day messing up my bike from not hearing the kickstand . ofcause I could look :D but knowing me I would forget and then I would be on here saying what do i do to fix this now.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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