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Slip-on Exhaust?

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I'm still really new to the motorcycle world and I've been reading a lot of fourms about almost everything I can get my knowledge up to basics. It's been really difficult to decide which slip-on exhaust to get for my bike. With the new R9, Yoshimura, Two Brothers, and some others its really hard to tell which one that would be my preference. I've also been watching videos on the different exhaust and sometimes the same slip-ons sound different. I just want to be heard more through traffic and through out the streets so cars are aware that I am near. But I don't want it to sound so ear bleeding loud. Something with a deep sound and not so much like a dirt bike. I read there are some parts used to silence and enhance the sound of the exhaust. I would really like some help. Well if anyone has the time to let me in on some info please, tell me. :D
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If 'sounds like a dirtbike' means sounds like a single cylinder 4 stroke engine there is nothing you can do about that. the cbr engine is basically a dirtbike motor and there is nothing wrong with that... and a loud bike wont do a thing for safety.

But.. Biohazard cycles are a site sponsor and lots of exhaust discussion in his threads.
Biohazard also has second to none customer service from my experience and good prices too.

The new Akrapovik exhaust is the one I am leaning toward now for the very reasons you mentioned. I know it will be louder but some of the things are just too loud.
+ another 1 on Biohazard. Great service, great responsiveness.
+ 10 to Biohazzard, I bought 2 M4's and an arrow front pipe from them.

Dont buy an M4 SS it will be too noisy for you.
So now I'm leaning more towards the Akraprovic or the Two Brothers. I know that the Akraprovic just came out with the new Slip-On and for the Two Brothers I've heard it modded quite a bit on some of the other threads. I'm also thinking about checking out the M4's. But I dont know so much about them. The only thing I know is that it's ear bleeding loud.
Get the akrapovic. Youll love it.
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