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What happened with the May Ride????

For whatever reasons I did know about that ride...did it ever come to fruition? I would be ready for a nice ride now in fall...well maybe in Oct. when it cools down abit more. So, Please let me know if a "250r" ride to be a part of it...can't wait. minzRedWhtBlu250too

Hi guys,

Hopefully around May, everyone has gotten their bikes! I was thinking of starting a meet. A SoCal Honda CBR 250R Meet! Who is interested? Where should we meet? Where should we ride after? Where should we eat after?

There are tons of Bike Meets, Groups out there, why not start one just for 250s? :p


I know some of you are not in Southern California, so ride your bike over here! ;)

1 - 1 of 109 Posts
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