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SoCal Honda CBR 250R Meet!

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Hi guys,

Hopefully around May, everyone has gotten their bikes! I was thinking of starting a meet. A SoCal Honda CBR 250R Meet! Who is interested? Where should we meet? Where should we ride after? Where should we eat after?

There are tons of Bike Meets, Groups out there, why not start one just for 250s? :p


I know some of you are not in Southern California, so ride your bike over here! ;)

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Groovy-maybe for the next 250 round up soon!!!
Sign me up, too! So, how many riders are gonna be there?
Based on string-so far looks like: 1LAryder, jdvalentine, meekmade, CBR250R_ABS, TheoR for sure...

Mobile station off the 210 and Azusa exit.
145 N Azusa Ave
Azusa, 91702

Azusa to Glendora Mountain Rd. run
Saturday July 20th-9am

Who's in??????? :D
CBR250R ABS :) HAY WELCOME BACK !!!!!!! hows that new 675 doing ?
GREAT !!!!!
4 months old. 10,600 miles :eek: 11 track days :cool:
I got to get the 250 fixed so I am not commuting on the Daytona.
But the 675R makes one hell of a daily driver :p
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So, just to confirm, is the group ride for this Saturday on?
So, just to confirm, is the group ride for this Saturday on?
Confirmed-I'm in-other takers?
Should be cool. :)
based on string-so far looks like: 1laryder, jdvalentine, meekmade, cbr250r_abs, theor for sure...

Mobile station off the 210 and azusa exit.
145 n azusa ave
azusa, 91702

azusa to glendora mountain rd. Run
saturday july 20th-9am

who's in??????? :d
bump :d
Just a suggestion, but since it's going to be super hot tomorrow, how about starting an hour earlier, and meet up around 8am?
Can’t believe I’m going to miss this one…. My bike is down for the count, alternator (stator) died..

I love group riding…

Soon my friends….
OK, just to let you know, I was able to confirm that JDValentine is coming tomorrow. So, the count is 1LARyder, meekmade, JDValentine, CBR250R ABS (this one's a guess, but if JDValentine is coming, I assume he's coming, too), and myself.

W/ regards to time, still for 9am? Vote for an hour earlier?
Hey maybe PMs all around to confirm. I want to say "meekmade" was down with early times in the thread. I'm good at 8am or 9am. Just let me know if it's NOT 9am.
Probably too late to change the time, so 9am is probably a good idea.
Here's a pic of the group ride.


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Great fun today! Really enjoyed the rider camaraderie as well. Worked well as a team for sure!
Nice im too jelly. Ill be at the next one for sure
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