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Some Fall Impressions from Germany

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Hi all, I just came back from my "standard" tour and took a couple of pictures while doing it. I thought I'd share some:
Well, since it's fall I thought I include this picture here as well. It's an abandoned industrial building that was battered by the same storm that blew over my CBR some months ago (if I ever see that storm again I'll punch him in the nose!). So why is that among fall impressions when it already happened some months ago? Well, the tiles did FALL off of it now, didn't they.:wink2:

An old windmill that has just recently got it's "wings" back a couple of weeks ago (has been without any for years).

Some general cental/northern German landscapes:

The trees have started to change colours:

An isolated farm somewhere between nowhere and the end of the world:
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What part of Germany are those pic's from?

It's easy to see why many Germans who immigrated to the US (I'm of German descent) ended up homesteading in the upper midwest... some of your photos look like they could have been taken in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
What part of Germany are those pic's from?
Southern Lower Saxony.
Beautiful. I particularly like the owl ;)
Fantastic, Schroeder...makes me "home-away-from-homesick"! I love the German countryside. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more.
I look forward to more.
You asked for it!

My CBR in front of amazing overexposed German countryside...

Alternative lawn mowers basic model.

Alternative lawn mower advanced model:

Steelworks on the horizon.

Alternative lawn mower deluxe model:

Burg Lichtenberg

Some of the unearthed original walls:

Replica of a trebuchet:

The biggest ones could throw 300-400kg (660 - 880 pounds) heavy stones up to 600m (660 yards) far....quite impressive. They were also used to throw animal carcasses and burning oil filled barrels into enemy castles to spread diseases and fire. Sometimes even living enemy soldiers or refuges were thrown back into the castle to demoralize the defenders. :|
The one in the picture is rather small.

No castle without a well:

And that's it for today.0:)
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Thanks, Schroeder. Such a rich history and crisp roads and countryside. I really enjoyed reading about the Lichtenberg Castle.

This picture says it all though:

I'll be heading to Stuttgart on business in November, but I'm afraid I will miss the peak of the autumn season.
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No problem.:smile2:
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And a few more:

Some of the more exposed trees have already lost pretty much all of their leafs:

The sugar beet harvest is in full swing:

This is what the civilized world uses for making sugar::grin2:

Do you believe in a life after Christmas? (yes, the lamp post was in the way....)

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A few more pictures I took a couple of weeks ago. I hoped to do that tour again and get some better photos but it seems my riding season was cut short by bad weather and I'll put my bike in the garage tomorrow for the the next three months. So here are the ones I got:

The "Brocken", highest mountain of the Harz mountains. During the cold war some of those buildings were part of a Soviet listening post that was monitoring NATO radio traffic. There were NATO counterparts on the summits of the mountains on the West German side of the former border too but they have all been torn down by now. The picture was taken from "Torfhaus".

"Torfhaus" is also known as a biker meeting point:

Another one of the Brocken:

Some pictures of the Oker lake:

It's an artificial water reservoir and some parts were rather empty when I took the shots.

There is even a little boat for tours in that lake. It's battery powered IIRC to not pollute the water.

If you look carefully you'll see some climbers on those rocks:

And that's all for this season.:smile2:
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Well, it's that time of the year again so here are some random shots of German countryside. (The camera malfunctioned and I had to remove the battery at one point and that's why the date is nonsense of course...)

I think some smartphones have better cameras these days than my el cheapo thing from 10 years ago...:|
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Nice pics, Schroeder. Thanks for posting them. I'll be in Stuttgart for business next week, then Mrs. Stichill will join me the following week for some vacation time. We'll tour some Swabian castles and old towns, then head in the direction of Strasbourg and Colmar in the Alsace region of France, then back into the southern "High Black Forest" (Hochschwarzwald) of southwestern Germany.
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