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spicing up the ugly stock exhaust

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Okay so I hated the look of the big a s s stock can they put on.

I've seen other talk about painting there's black which may look good on a black bike but on my tricolor it looks just as bad if not worse than the original look of the exhaust.
Wanted to try red but I am still not sure.. I have painted the majority of the heatshield black as a test and I love the result... not all black but I think it makes it stand out more.
Let me know what you guys think. I'm loving the lines it has now with the bike.

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This is the rough draft lol...
It still needs to be touched up and the top left need to be redone got a little shaky at that point.
Let me know what you all think
i think a new exhaust would look better, just my opinion though
As do I . But I am being lazy at the moment lol..
I actually just ordered a big gun evo S series but not putting it on until atleast march/april so this will hold me over till then
stock muffler weights 8,438g or 18.6lb, and looks it..

you cant disguise it..

Not trying to disquise it, just trying to make it look better until I install the Big Gun....

It was wayyy to ugly before.. I think it looks tasteful now, atleast better than it did stock. And it will look even better with the EVO S.

~ Wake
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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