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If you’re one of the many who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to ride year-round, you’re no doubt welcoming the return of riding season. All the sweat, tears and no doubt money that went into your ride while it sat in the garage over the winter is about to pay off. But before you take your first voyage for the new year, it’s important to make sure your machine is as ready as you are. Specifically, your tires. Check out some simple tire tips from Dunlop after the jump. Don’t worry, these tips apply no matter what brand of tire you currently have.

As springtime brings a new riding season, Dunlop reminds you that it’s wise to kick off your travels by checking your tires. Two items are of vital importance: always check your tire pressures before you ride, and always know your load limit. Exceeding 400 pounds in rider, passenger and cargo weight on some bikes may exceed the load limit.

There a lot people forget about over the course of winter and on of them is proper maintaince of a bike or even your summer car! Your tiers are often forgotten and neglected!

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