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Not sure what could be causing this and it doesn't seem to be a major issue but...
Bike got rained on a few days ago (typically covered or in parking garage) not much just a drizzle for a couple hours, no downpour. When I went to ride right after everytime I let off the clutch in 1st gear, as it began to catch in the friction zone I got a terrible squaking noise coming from what sounded like the front of the bike (but it's hard to tell). Been dry for 3 days now and doesn't often but I have heard the noise a little bit since then. Chain was just cleaned/waxed less than 100 miles ago and the chain didnt get wet during the rain ( I checked) and still looks perfect. Oil level is good and only on 1,200 miles since last change.
Sounds kinda like brakes, but I know it's not that.
Any Ideas?
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