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Hey all. I went to the track a few weeks back and i noticed one of the things i didnt like about the front brake was that i felt spongey. I decided before i go back to the track in early september that i would replace the lines with stainless steel braided lines. Below is the result of my work. I was able to get the lines for free at my work, all i had to do was measure and cut and buy the banjo bolt adaptors that thread into the line. for 4 of them it was $40. I also had to modify some of the grooves that hold the lines with a dremel. I opened them up a bit so the new banjo could fit in there. I also ran the rear line differently because the banjo bolt was too long to come straight down. They might not look as clean as ones you can buy but for 1/3 the price they work just as good. The difference over stock is night and day, the front brake is much firmer. Both brakes have better stopping power and feel and plus they look much better. Below are some pics

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