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Hello members,

We've been having to move quite a few threads from the General Discussion forum to the other topic specific forums. Also, we've been finding a lot of new threads being started on topics that already have existing threads, which we then often end up merging these new, redundant threads into an existing thread.

This takes time to do, and so I'm looking for forum members to help us out in minimizing the number of threads that we're having to move and merge.

So here is my request:

Before starting a new thread topic in the General Discussion forum, consider whether the topic or subject of your thread would fit into one of the other topic specific forums... if the answer is yes, this new thread would be a better fit in one of the other forums, please post your thread in that forum rather than in the General Discussion forum.

As for the existing threads, please look through the various forums to see if there is a thread already existing on your topic or subject... if there are threads that have already been started on that topic, please add your post to one of those threads rather than starting a new thread. For example, there are numerous existing threads in the Performance forum which pertain to the topic of Aftermarket Exhausts, so obviously those threads can be added to with new comments and questions, rather than starting another new thread on the same topic.

That said, the Problems & Issues forum is one of the few forums where I would expect members to always start their own new thread for problems or issues concerning their bike, and not add to an existing thread in this forum.

Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.


~ Mike

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