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It's very rare to see Taichi discount their products or put stuff on closeout. They always seem to budget their production correctly to the point where they don't have to drop stuff to closeout pricing. Either way, we've got a few suits here that need to leave and we've been able to take $400 off the retail price. If that wasn't awesome enough already Brian made the call to throw in a free set of $250 Knox Handroid gloves.

Call us with any sizing questions you may have. Some of the suits that we have are not your typical US/Euro sizes but we've got you covered. We sell more Taichi leather suits than ANYBODY out there.

Give us a call at 888-784-4327!

We have the Gunmetal GP-Max R100 in 42/52, 48/58, as well as a Jap. LW which is very similar to a 42/52 for just $1599.95 including FREE Handroids ($2250 retail combined)!

We also have the same suit in White/Red in a 40/50 as well as a Jap. MS which is like a 40/50 but cut slimmer. Again, $1599.95.

We have a GP-WRX 302 (just one model year older than the current 303) in 40/50 and Jap. XL which is like a 44/54 but cut slimmer.

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