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StL 7/8 to Bixby (Twisties)

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***canceling due to an oil leak***

This is something I just decided I wanted to do with the cooler weather tomorrow and I was just going to do the run on my own, but I thought I should ask on here if anyone else is up for coming, too.

I am still a newbie on this bike so the pace will be noob friendly. This isn't my first Bixby run, but it will be my first on this bike (I did the ride on a 150cc scooter in May with a bunch of maxi scooters).

We still start at the McDonalds on Hwy 21 south of 270 at 9:45am and leave at 10am. We will take a break in Potosi and stop at the Bixby General Store for lunch. On the way back, we will make another stop at a gas station for another break, which will officially end the ride.

This is the group I rode with when they rode to Bixby on a different day:

Here is the map of where we will be going:

A: Starting point
B: Bixby General Store
D: Gas Station on the way back

Safety Rule: After Potosi, is where the twisties start so if you're comfortable riding fast, then go ahead! Faster riders, more experienced riders can go in the front and go the pace they want and slower riders can go in the back and go at a pace they are comfortable with. We will stop at major intersections for a head count so please don't try to go beyond your skill riding level because we won't forget you.

Also, passing each other can be pretty dangerous with the twisties, so the major intersections that we stop at is also a good time to get in front of someone in front of you if your pace is faster.
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Sounds fun, but getting there from Chicago is a bit too long of a trek for me. Make sure you post a report, though. Have fun!
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