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Succumbed to my inner-teenager..

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...and painted my rims black. Was off today, so last night i pulled the wheels off. Took them to a friends house and broke them down on his tire machine. Back to my house for sandblast, then sprayed on 3 coats of flat black. I think they look alright. With everything else black, figured i might as well do the wheels.

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Thats state inspection mike. Thanks empty.
Thank you. I do not think that those would look good glossy unless they were a smooth fiberglass instead of rough plastic. It would be interesting to see though.
Negative. I dont dig decals from companies who in fact dont sponsor me. I dont buy into the race livery bikes. I have plenty in the garage to contrast from lol.
Lol. Why you planning on cloning my plate?
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looking at a few brands now. trying to find some that arent to flamboyant or thick.
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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